When you dream about someone it could mean this (epic guide) (2023)

Dreams are powerful and they can hold deep symbolic and life meaning.

But they can sometimes be confusing or unclear to interpret.

That’s why I’ve put together this epic guide on dream meanings together for you.

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Let’s take a look…

When you dream about someone it could mean this (epic guide)

1) When you dream about someone are they thinking of you?

One of the first things that many people wonder about is when you dream about someone are they also dreaming about you?

The truth is that only they can answer that question.

However, spiritual experts agree that it’s definitely possible.

“It is possible that the person dreaming about you is thinking about you because they may want to be connected with you in some way, which would create a desire for contact with them in waking life,” writes Daria Burnett.

Dreams can be a kind of virtual reality channel where someone can reach out and let you know they want to contact you.

2) When you dream about someone are they dreaming about you too?

When you dream about someone it could mean they are dreaming about you too.

As Burnett says, when someone is thinking or dreaming about you it can result in you dreaming about them as well.

They are the only one who can answer that, but there’s certainly plenty of evidence and anecdotes I’ve heard to suggest that this definitely does happen.

3) What does it mean when you dream about someone who’s died?

Dreaming about someone who’s died can be a sad experience.

You may even wake up with tears on your pillow.

Dreaming of someone who’s died can symbolize moving on from an old way of life or old bad habits, although it more commonly is a way for those who have passed on to reach out for you.

As Melanie Curry notes:

“Dreaming about a deceased person has multiple meanings. The dream or the dead relative may also be trying to tell you something…

“Even if you’re not religious, according to the outlet, seeing a deceased person in your dream can bring about comfort.

“It’s a chance for you to move on and see the deceased person in a happy light.”

4) What does it mean when you dream about someone you like or love?

When you dream about someone you like or love, it’s reassurance from the universe that you’re on the right path.

Whether or not you’re religious, this dream is a way to tell you that the person you like or love is meaningful in your life for better or for worse.

Of course, it also depends on what happens in the dream. If that person is an ex the dream can be a sign of closure and moving on or a lesson you had to learn from your broken heart.

Still, decoding the meaning of a dream about someone you like or love isn’t easy. It’s especially true if the context of the dream seems vague to you.

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5) What does it mean when you dream about someone being pregnant?

When you dream about someone being pregnant it usually means one of two things.

The first is that it means this person actually is pregnant.The second is that it means very good news is coming to this person or to you by way of this person.

Both of these are positive things, so rest assured that dreams of someone being pregnant are usually very good news.

Like Times of India writes:

“Dreaming about pregnancy or seeing someone pregnant in your dream can mean a variety of things.

“It can mean that you miss the person you are seeing in your dreams and might want to talk to them.

“It can also mean that you might get ‘good news’ from your close friend or family member.”

6) What does it mean when you dream about someone having sex with you?

When you dream about someone having sex with you there are two questions to ask yourself:

Is this someone you actually want to have sex with? Have you had sex with this person?

As Austrian psychoanalyst pioneer Sigmund Freud says, dreams often represent unfulfilled desires, so it can mean you really want to have sex with this person, or have sex with them again if you already have.

It can also mean that you feel guilt over someone or they are making unwanted advances toward you.

7) What does it mean when you dream about someone giving you money?

When you dream about someone giving you money it can mean exactly that.

It can also refer in general to a new opportunity or possibility coming your way.

On the other hand, this dream can also be a symbol that you’re rich in life and health and that you’re feeling happy and fulfilled in having your needs met.

“Receiving a hefty sum of money can seem like an omen of upcoming prosperity (wouldn’t that be nice?) but it can often be a reflection of a dreamer’s current state of affairs…

“If you’re feeling rich in friends, happiness, or self-confidence in real life, that may manifest in your dreams in this way,” writes Kelsey Hurwitz.

8) What does it mean when you dream about someone famous?

When you dream of a celebrity it often means that this celebrity is your ideal in some way.

This can include physically and their personality.

Something about them or their performances onstage or onscreen taps into a deep part of you that wants to improve or reach a perfection similar to what you imagine theirs to be.

Of course, celebrities are never as ideal as we imagine them to be, but the point is that desire you have inside that’s emerging in the dream.

“However, generally speaking, dreaming of a celebrity often symbolizes qualities you idolize in that person that you wish to embody yourself,” explains mystical counsellor MaKayla McRae.

9) What does it mean when you dream about someone many times in a row?

When you dream about someone many times in a row it generally means two things.

It either means you really do have something unresolved or potential to do with this person, in a positive or negative way.

Or else it also means that this individual represents something unfinished or important for you.

“Having recurring dreams is a common phenomenon, with two-thirds of us experiencing them.

“These dreams may not mean that you are obsessed with this individual but may symbolize your feelings and worries,” according to Katie Avis-Riordan.

“For example, if you dream about the same colleague, you might not have an issue with that particular individual but a more general work situation to work through.”

10) What does it mean when you dream about someone and they call you?

When you dream about someone and they call you it’s a pretty surprising experience.

I’ve had this happen to me, so I know.

As the first point explained, sometimes our dreams can be a kind of psychic connection, and if this happens to you then it can mean there’s something that you need to work out with this individual for better or for worse.

This is especially true if you haven’t heard from this person in a long time and then suddenly do after dreaming of them.

11) What does it mean when you dream about someone wanting to kill you?

When you dream about someone trying to come after you or kill you it’s very disturbing, especially if it’s a family member or somebody you love.

Fortunately, these dreams don’t usually mean that somebody actually wants to kill you.

It’s generally more of a symbol that you’re being overpowered or disrespected in some way.

“Dreams about someone trying to kill (or attack) you are usually related to issues about control,” according to psychic Walter Jones.

“Such dreams signify that you might be struggling to take control of your life, and the thought of not being able to do so leaves you in fear.”

12) What does it mean when you dream about someone else getting married?

When you dream about someone else getting married it means that their life is coming together and improving.

Marriage is a bond and a contract for the future.

So a dream about this doesn’t always literally mean marriage.

Quite often it can refer to an agreement of a different kind or even that someone else you know is starting a new business or just entering a new relationship in general.

13) What does it mean when you dream about someone else drowning?

When you dream about someone it could mean this (epic guide) (1)

Drowning is one of the worst ways to die. At least that’s what I’ve heard from people who did it (bad joke).

The point is that if you dream about somebody drowning it’s not a pleasant experience.

This usually means that something in life connected to this person is too much for you, but can also mean that the person you dream about really needs your help during a crisis.

As Courtney Pococh writes:

“When you dream of someone drowning other than yourself, it often shows that you are becoming too involved in something.

“There may be a situation where you have become too involved in everything that is happening, and it feels like everything is beyond your control…

“Another reason why you may dream of someone drowning is because it feels like you are losing your identity.

“This type of thing often happens when you become involved with someone romantically.

“It is easy to lose your own sense of identity as you become wrapped up in your identity as a couple.”

14) What does it mean when you dream about someone else getting a divorce?

When you dream about somebody else getting a divorce it usually means that they or something connected to them is undergoing a major shift.

For example, if you dream about your boss getting a divorce it may mean he’s restructuring the company or changing your terms of employment.

Or if you dream of a family member getting a divorce it can often mean that he’s actually dealing with losing a job or having another life crisis of some kind.

15) What does it mean when you dream about someone telling you they love you?

When you dream about someone telling you they love you it means one of three things.

One is that it means this person loves you and is telling you through your dream.

Two is that you wish this person loved you and they’re telling you what you want to be true but which can only be true in dreams.

Three is that this person is your ex or family member and you are remember or thinking of the times they said they love you as part of a nostalgic type of dream.

16) What does it mean when you dream about someone then see them?

When you dream about someone and then see them it’s a disconcerting experience.

But don’t dismiss it as just random.

It’s often the universe reaching out to you to let you know about this person being important to your life.

Maybe you never expected it, but for some reason, there is a need for them now to reenter your life, or you to reenter theirs (even just temporarily).

“If you dream about someone you have not seen for a long time they are likely thinking about you or might make an appearance in your life soon,” writes Ryan Hart.

“On the other hand, when you dream about a friend, coworker, or ex, they are thinking about you or the next time they will see you.

“When you see them, pay close attention to their actions or body language.”

17) What does it mean when you dream about someone you hate?

When you dream about someone you hate it means you are either struggling with aspects of yourself that you don’t like…

Or it means that the personality factors in the person you hate are reemerging in your life and negatively affecting it in the present day.

Therefore either way this means that stresses are adding up and beginning to get inside your head.

You need to breathe

18) What does it mean when you dream about someone you don’t know?

When you dream about someone you don’t know it can be a sign from the universe.

Think of when you meet someone in real life you don’t know and they play an important role in the future.

It’s the same in dreams and can be sort of like a pre-introduction or even just a way to receive a message from God or the universe that you need to hear.

As Burnett observes:

“Dreaming about people that we barely know can be very confusing and startling.

“It is not uncommon to dream about people from our past that we have forgotten about or never had a strong relationship with.

“When dreaming of someone they are often trying to tell us something or give us a message.”

19) What does it mean when you dream about someone you haven’t seen in a long time?

When you dream about someone you haven’t seen in a long time, it usually means that there is some reason they need to come back into your life.

On a less literal level, it can also mean that what they represent – or represented to you – needs to become more important in your life.

A classic example might be if you dream about a childhood friend who you used to love running around within the forest.

The dream is telling you that exercise and enjoying the outdoors should once again become a key part of your life.

20) What does it mean when you dream about someone but you can’t see their face

Dreaming about someone but being unable to see their face can be scary.

It generally means that this represents part of yourself that’s repressed, confusing or hidden.

But it can also mean that you are having trouble dealing with understanding the behavior and actions of those around you.

“Dreaming of seeing a face generally means you are analyzing your own identity.

“What does it mean if you dream of a faceless person?

“This means you are having trouble understanding yourself in waking life,” explains Aunty Flo.

21) What does it mean when you dream about someone you used to date?

When you dream about somebody you used to date it usually means you miss them or what they meant to you.

For example, if you used to have a girlfriend whose sense of humor really aligned with yours, you may be dreaming of her and missing that spark in your life.

Can you still get them back, or is it too late?

22) What does it mean when you dream about someone ignoring you?

When you dream about someone ignoring you it means that you feel overlooked or unappreciated in some keyway.

Being ignored is no fun in real life and it’s bad in a dream, too!

When somebody ignores you they are overlooking your talents and potential, which is a very disempowering feeling.

23) What does it mean when you dream about someone in a hospital?

Personally, I hate hospitals, and I’m also not a huge fan of dreams that happen in hospitals.

But when you dream of somebody in a hospital it’s important to realize that it can have a more complex meaning as well.

That meaning relates to dependency.

According to dream expert and author Ian Wallace, a dream of someone in a hospital often means you have “an unhealthy dependency on your loved one and need to be more responsible and self-reliant in your waking life.”

24) What does it mean when you dream about someone in your past?

When you dream about someone in your past, it’s their spirit calling out to you.

If they’re no longer part of your life, it means that they or what they represent should come back into your life.

If they’ve passed on, it means their spirit is sending you good vibes and love from the other side.

25) What does it mean when you dream about someone protecting you?

Dreaming about someone protecting you can be comforting, but its meaning is less comforting.

The fact of the matter is that you only need protection if you’re in danger.

And when you’re dreaming of this it means that you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by something.

As Dreamy O puts it:

“Dreaming about someone protecting you is a sign of stress. Lacking confidence, troubled, weak, always fearing the worst, you are battling with your depressed side.

“Dreaming about someone protecting you reveals that you are manic and don’t like disorder, you are stuck in your guidelines and are not able to get over it.”

26) What does it mean when you dream about someone stealing from you?

When you dream about someone stealing from you it means that you’re insecure about another person taking credit from you or devaluing you.

It means that you’re feeling threatened or undermined by another person’s behavior or actions.

You’re worried that they’re going to steal what’s rightfully yours and disempower you, and that emerges in dreams.

27) What does it mean when you dream about someone fighting?

When you dream about someone fighting it can be very distressing.

Particularly if it’s a friend or family member, none of us wants to see someone we care about duking it out with somebody and be unable to help them.

Most often, this is a symbol that we feel we have let this person down or neglected our friendship or duties to them.

According to dream expert and counsellor Lauri Loewenberg, having a dream of someone fighting can be guilt about “not being there” for that person.

28) What does it mean when you dream about someone getting arrested?

When you dream about someone it could mean this (epic guide) (2)

Dreaming of someone else getting arrested is pretty dramatic – but at least it’s not you, right?

Well, the fact is that this dream can be pretty heavy on you too.

It generally means that you’re repressing a lot of anger that you hold towards a certain person or situation which remains unresolved.

According to Dreams’o’pedia, a dream of someone being arrested “indicates unexpressed anger and other powerful feelings which you are holding back.

You may also be feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges.”

29) What does it mean when you dream about someone getting hit by a car?

When you dream about someone getting hit by a car it’s horrific.

This usually means that you’re quite worried about an unexpected tragedy or mistake happening to somebody you love.

It does not mean that it will happen, however. Only that you feel a sense of guilt for not being closer with family and friends in case something bad happens to them.

30) What does it mean when you dream about someone getting fired?

Dreaming of someone you know getting fired means that you are holding a grudge against them and hope they experience misfortune.

It can also mean that this person is undergoing a dramatic change in their life and you are seeing a premonition of it.

Either way, this is an important dream.

31) What does it mean when you dream about someone hugging you?

A dream of someone hugging you is very reassuring.

It means that everything is going to be OK and that love you’ve needed and craved for a long time is coming your way.

It is a sign that you can let your heart and mind relax…

“Dreams of hugging someone, usually symbolize someone or something you are embracing with joy.

“Maybe you feel sympathy towards someone or something, or feel close to something or someone.

“Maybe such a dream indicates you have embraced some new ideas or new behavior. In some cases, these dreams indicate your appreciation for something or someone.

“These dreams often reveal your need for affection, support, contact and warmth from other people, especially the ones that are close to you,” explains Dream Astro Meanings.

32) What does it mean when you dream about someone holding your hand?

Dreaming about someone holding your hand can mean many things.

Generally, it means that you are having affectionate or loving feelings toward someone and craving their company.

It can also be a symbol of a reunion or meaningful time with someone you care about or who is no longer around.

As the Beatles said, “come on baby, hold my hand.”

It all starts there.

33) What does it mean when you dream about someone going to jail?

Similarly to when you dream of someone getting arrested, dreaming of someone going to jail is actually quite meaningful.

This usually means that this person is in a bind and needs a hand from you.

It can also mean that you and this person have unfinished business that’s reemerging in your emotions.

As Labex-Cortez explains:

“Seeing someone you know in jail in dreams simply means that the person you see needs your help, support, or encouragement.

“Aside from that, it may suggest that there are conflicts between you and that person and you are still holding grudges.

“There is also a possibility that the person is feeling trapped and you are the person who can help him/her.”

34) What does it mean when you dream about someone kidnapping you?

When you dream about someone kidnapping you it often means that you are worried about being unappreciated or betrayed.

You are made to feel disempowered and forgotten when all you want is a chance.

The urge to scream and demand a right to your dreams and potential is so strong.

35) What does it mean when you dream about someone kissing you?

It’s always nice to get a kiss from somebody you care about.

And it’s nice in dreams, too.

This experience often means that you are entering a new phase in your life with someone you trust or care about – or love.

As Richard Hale writes:

“Kisses on the lips are very often interpreted as a form of spiritual communication.

“They can be thought of as a way of securing an agreement.

“Consider your current relationships, either with the person you kissed or with others, and whether you are entering a new phase in any of them.

“Perhaps your dream represents your desire to ‘seal the deal’ in some way.”

36) What does it mean when you dream about someone leaving you?

Dreaming about someone leaving you is really awful and sad.

This is a fairly common dream and it generally means that a phase of your life, career, or relationship is coming to an end.

The person leaving you usually represents a time in your life or experience that’s no longer serving you or meaningful to you.

Out with the old, in with the new.

37) What does it mean when you dream about someone fighting you in a war?

For much of my childhood, I had war dreams or nightmares.

I’d be tearing through the forest dodging bullets, or ducking around a wall while shots rang out and explosions sounded in the near distance.

If you’re having dreams like this it’s intense, and it usually means that you’re experiencing intense inner conflict and anger.

38) What does it mean when you dream about someone laughing at you?

When you dream about someone laughing at you it generally means that there’s something you don’t want others to know about.

Whether it’s personal, career or any other aspect of your life, there’s something about your life that you want to keep secret and are worried people will find out about.

“When you dream of people laughing at you it could be that you have a situation in your personal life that you are ashamed of,” explains Alo Dreams.

39) What does it mean when you dream about someone cutting your hair?

When you dream about someone cutting your hair, it can represent somebody coming into your life who will change its trajectory.

Hair is a symbol of spiritual power and receptiveness, so it can also symbolize a loss of power or potential in some way.

40) When you dream about someone dying does it mean they’ll die?

No, it does not.

There are times when it can mean this, but more often than not, it represents a change in your life, not the death of an actual person.

According to Wallace:

“A natural death represents a change or ending that is naturally happening.

“A murder will represent a forced change or ending such as if you’re cutting someone out of your life…

“If you are quitting smoking or drinking, you may dream you’re being murdered because that part of you is being killed off.”

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What does it mean when you dream about a specific person? ›

People generally dream about someone they have strong feelings for. Thus, if you dream about a specific individual on a regular basis, it is likely that you have strong feelings for them. It may be difficult to confront these feelings, but do your best not to let them consume you and cause distress.

Is it true if you dream about someone they miss you? ›

When you dream about someone, it is more likely a reflection of your own feelings or emotions than theirs. In other words, the dreams are not always a sign that the person misses you. If you have been thinking about them and missing them, this may be why you're dreaming of them.

What is epic dreaming? ›

"Epic dreaming was described by Schenck and Mahowald in 1995 and represents a dreaming disorder characterized by endless and exhausting dreams associated with morning tiredness and chronic daytime fatigue. The condition shows a strong female predominance (85%).

When you dream about someone are they thinking about you? ›

Does it mean they are thinking about me? While dreaming about someone usually means they are thinking of you, dreaming of the same person over and over again could also mean that they have thought of you so much that when you dream about them, it's just another instance where that thought enters your head.

Why does a person come in your dreams? ›

According to sleep specialist Alesandra Woolley, someone will often appear in a dream if we spend a lot of time with them. It can also happen if someone is able to get us interested in them in real life. Because we think about them so much, the chances of seeing them in our dreams are higher.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you never met and then meet them? ›

"When we dream about people we've never met, they could be a placeholder for someone we do not want to see, for whatever reason," Jeffrey notes. But these strangers could also be a manifestation of a part of ourselves that's not yet known or familiar.

How do you know if someone is constantly thinking about you? ›

You Dream About Them

This is especially true for people who have not seen each other for a long time. If they are thinking actively about you, it might be enough to trigger a psychic manifestation in your dreams. Sometimes, these dreams are so vivid and intense that they might hint at what the person is thinking.

Can someone feel when I miss them? ›

Can the other person feel when you miss them? Definitely, not all people but some people can sense it, especially empaths. An empath or someone you're in sync with can catch your vibrations easily and this can often clue them into what you are thinking or feeling.

What are the rarest dream? ›

Most experts believe that lucid dreams are the rarest type of dreams. While dreaming, you are conscious that you are dreaming but you keep on dreaming. According to researchers, 55 percent of people experience these types of dreams at least one time in their life.

What is an awakening dream? ›

Why Do I Have Dreams About Waking Up? Researchers hypothesize that people experience false awakenings, or dream that they have woken up, as a result of hyperarousal or sleep disturbance during REM sleep. Hyperarousal. View Source is a concept often linked to insomnia.

Why do I always remember my dreams? ›

“There's a region in your brain called the temporoparietal junction, which processes information and emotions. This region can also put you in a state of intra-sleep wakefulness, which, in turn, allows your brain to encode and remember dreams better,” Julie Lambert, certified sleep expert, explains.

Is it true that if you think about someone they are thinking about you? ›

There is a rumor that thinking about someone means that they were thinking about you, first, but unfortunately it's just that – a rumor. The thing is, psychologists have confirmed: there is no way of knowing whether another person was thinking about you, too.

What does it mean when you can t stop thinking about someone? ›

If you are unable to stop thinking about someone, you most likely have 'anxious attachment'. You might push and pull in relationships to get a break from the anxiety they cause you. But if the other person leaves, you panic.

What does it mean if I dream about my crush? ›

Why do you dream about your crush? "Generally speaking, if you dream about someone, it means that they have significance to you," says Dr. Torres-Mackie, "That significance could be positive, negative, or a mix of the two, but it means your mind holds them "in mind" even when you are asleep."

Why does my ex appear in my dreams? ›

Unresolved Feelings About Your Ex

If you still have feelings for your ex, they may appear in your dreams because dreams can replicate reality. However, your real-world feelings toward your ex do not necessarily have to be romantic ones. You may also experience frustration, anger, sadness, or jealousy.

What happens if someone dreams about you? ›

“When someone has a positive dream of you, it can represent where they see you ideally — which may literally mean that they have overall happy emotions tied to you in your relationship to one another,” McRae says. “It can also represent that this person sees a lot of qualities about you that they can relate to.”

Does God show you your soulmate in your dreams? ›

Sometimes, God is showing you your soulmate in your dreams and if you take the time to listen and learn about the dream, it can become prophetic about your life. This article will enumerate 12 signs that God is about to show you your soulmate in your dreams.

What does it mean to fall in love with someone in a dream? ›

Dreaming about falling in love could mean that someone or something is missing in our life. The empty feeling that you're feeling can come from many different places. Maybe you're looking for friends, love, a solution to an issue, or support.

Why do I keep dreaming of a guy? ›

It's because you share a past connection with this person. If you have met this person before, or if you had some sort of relationship with them in the past, it's likely that you might dream about them.

Can you feel when your soulmate is thinking of you? ›

A soulmate connection can be pretty powerful.

It's very possible that they're out there thinking of you and experiencing a similar phenomenon. Even if you haven't met your soulmate yet, you might get goosebumps randomly and feel a strong sense that someone is out there thinking of you.

How do you know if there is a connection with someone? ›

An emotional connection is a feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attraction, having fun together, surface-level conversations, or even intellectual similarities. Instead, it feels like you're connecting on a deeper soul level—and feel secure connecting that deeply.

What happens in your brain when you miss someone? ›

Changes in brain chemistry: Scientific studies indicate that your brain reacts significantly when you're missing someone you love: The oxytocin and dopamine that's released during a relationship suddenly stop flowing. You become chemically dependent on their presence in your life.

How do you stop missing someone who doesn't want you? ›

Missing someone can really hurt, but we have to have the wisdom to know when we need to process it, and when it's time to get busy with life and stop worrying about it.
Get Busy Doing With New Activities
  1. Distract Yourself.
  2. Meet New People And Have New Experiences.
  3. Move On From Missing That Person.

What causes you to miss someone? ›

Things That Make You Miss Someone

The mind is powerful with the amount of information, memories, and emotions it can hold. As April Maccario, Relationship Expert & Founder of Ask April stated, places, food, songs, scents, and even random things can make us remember someone. Inevitably it leads us to reminisce.

How do you know if someone is thinking about you without contact? ›

What are the signs that someone is thinking about you or missing you?
  • You smile or sigh subconsciously.
  • You dream about them.
  • You feel a sudden need to be where they are.
  • You feel their energy (and you like it).
  • You feel a sudden mood swing or a random burst of energy.
Apr 8, 2022

Which angel number means someone is missing you? ›

Angel Numbers Appear

If you start seeing repeating numbers, like angel number 1111, which means manifestation and love, angel number 555, which is a very positive number for manifesting love or angel number 444, that's also a sign that someone is missing you.

Can a dream tell the future? ›

At this time there is little scientific evidence suggesting that dreams can predict the future. Some research suggests that certain types of dreams may help predict the onset of illness or mental decline in the dream, however.

What are the 3 most common dreams? ›

Some of the most common dream themes are about: falling. being chased. dying.

What is the thing that dream can never tell? ›

6.What is one thing that dreams can never tell? Ans: Dreams can never tell the future.

Can two people have the same dream? ›

Shared dreams definition

Shared dreaming is the idea that two or more people can share the same dream environment. The degree to which the dream is shared can vary, from simply having common elements or events that happen in each person's dream, to the entire dream being identical.

Can you resume a dream? ›

Dreams can be so realistic that it can be hard to tell if we're awake or asleep. And sometimes, we wake up in the middle of a dream and wonder if it's possible to go back to sleep and pick up where we left off. It is possible to resume a dream, but it requires a certain focus and concentration.

What dreams feel real? ›

Lucid dreams are when you know that you're dreaming while you're asleep. You're aware that the events flashing through your brain aren't really happening. But the dream feels vivid and real. You may even be able to control how the action unfolds, as if you're directing a movie in your sleep.

Does remembering your dreams mean you slept well? ›

Remembering your dreams doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how restful your sleep is, Dr. Harris says. Instead, recalling those dreams is a lot more likely to depend on a number of factors, from your current level of stress to the medication you're taking.

Does dreaming mean good sleep? ›

Dreaming is a normal part of healthy sleep. Good sleep has been connected to better cognitive function and emotional health, and studies have also linked dreams to effective thinking, memory, and emotional processing.

Why are my dreams so vivid and realistic? ›

Stress, anxiety, and trauma: If you're experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, or post-traumatic stress disorder, you may be more susceptible to vivid bad dreams.

Why do I feel something in my heart when I think about someone? ›

Limerence has a biological basis. When we are first attracted to someone, our brains release chemicals like norepinephrine and dopamine, which make our hearts flutter and make us feel happy.

What happens when you constantly think about someone? ›

"When we ruminate and really obsess about someone, it's because the dopamine response has gotten triggered," she says. That's why, more often than not, you obsess over people you don't really know quite as well — as opposed to someone you've been in a relationship with for five years.

Do you love someone if you think about them all the time? ›

If you think about the other person constantly, you're in love. If thoughts come and go, you think you're in love. When you're in love, you see your partner everywhere, even in the most obscure places, like when you hear some random song on the radio or see a street sign that reminds you of your first date.

Why can't I get someone out of my head? ›

If you can't get someone out of your head it could be because you're still processing the event. These negative experiences can cause a lot of stress, and that stress can take a long time to digest. To go even further, only time can begin to ease the stress and pain caused by a negative event.

How do you stop missing someone? ›

Keep Your Mind Busy

If you miss someone, consider finding positive distractions that will help take your mind off things. Join a club, find a new hobby, enjoy an old one, or spend more time with family and friends. These can all be effective coping strategies. Another option is to join a gym or exercise group.

Can a crush turn into love? ›

Despite the differences, Cacioppo told INSIDER it is possible for a crush to develop into a relationship. “With crushing, you're OK with the distance because you're not fully in it yet," Kolawole added. But if you begin to have shared, in-person experiences with your crush, an attachment system is created.

What does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly? ›

Generally, dreams are symbolic of your deep emotions and energies. Dreaming about someone frequently means that they're constantly in our thoughts and you share a connection. They could be an old flame, a relative, or a deceased loved one.

Does dreaming about your crush mean they are thinking about you? ›

Does it mean they are thinking about me? While dreaming about someone usually means they are thinking of you, dreaming of the same person over and over again could also mean that they have thought of you so much that when you dream about them, it's just another instance where that thought enters your head.

What does it mean to dream about the same person over and over again? ›

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you might be dreaming about the same person over and over again. And yes, there can be some negative reasons as well. But in most cases, it's your subconscious telling you that they are important to you and that they have some kind of influence on your life.

What does it mean if you keep dreaming about your crush? ›

The good news is that dreaming about a crush represents doors of possibility opening up in your life, says Arzt. “You may be excited about the idea of being with your crush, but it can also mean you're excited about anything else that lies ahead,” she says. “Dreams can shed insight into your desires.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you don t talk to anymore? ›

Studies show that your dream consciousness is very similar to your waking consciousness, so dreaming about someone you don't talk to anymore points to daily emotions you're currently feeling (and may need to process).

What does it mean when you dream about someone romantically? ›

If you're dreaming about the same person romantically, it can mean that you have a deep connection with them. It might also mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you something about your relationship with the other person.

What does it mean to dream of someone repeatedly? ›

Generally, dreams are symbolic of your deep emotions and energies. Dreaming about someone frequently means that they're constantly in our thoughts and you share a connection.

What does it mean when you dream about someone again? ›

You Have Unresolved Feelings For The Person

If you find yourself dreaming about the same person night after night, it could signify that you have unresolved feelings for them. The recurring dream may be a way for your subconscious to process and work through these feelings.

How do you know if your crush is thinking about you? ›

Here are some signs that may help you figure out if your crush likes you.
  • They keep looking at you. ...
  • They get anxious around you. ...
  • They initiate eye contact. ...
  • They make casual physical contact. ...
  • They change their body language around you. ...
  • They try to sit near or next to you. ...
  • They listen to you. ...
  • They want to get to know you better.
Feb 13, 2023

Should I tell him I had a dream about him? ›

If you and your crush have a friendly bond and you have a secret crush on him, then you can share with him about your dreams. But if you have not talked to your crush ever, then it's better to not tell him. Telling him that you dream about him is just like confessing your liking to him.

What does it mean when an ex appears in your dream? ›

According to relationship expert Terri Orbuch, who spoke to Women's Health, dreaming about an ex could mean that you're looking for closure. Maybe you're unsettled with the way things ended between the two of you, or maybe you're still trying to work past the way your relationship ended in your mind.

Why am I suddenly dreaming about my ex? ›

A possible cause for dreaming about an ex may be recalling past trauma in your relationship. Research shows that stressful emotions and trauma during waking hours can impact your dreams. Trauma can also come from the death of a partner or loved one. Dreaming about a deceased partner can be a tool for managing grief.

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? ›

Ex dreams may be a sign that you're feeling lonely, you need to work on a current relationship, or you're having some inner turmoil. Dreams about an ex usually aren't a reason to worry, but "consider therapy if you are having frequent, repetitive, distressing dreams about them long after the break-up," Barrett says.


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