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One of TLC’s best shows of all time, My Big Fat Fabulous Life is currently telecasting its 10th season and we hope almost every reader who is on this article today, is actually very much updated regarding the show and how great it has been doing lately. My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been quite revolutionary we can say, based on the history of the show, the number of seasons it has been running for, and the number of fans it has got.

We have always been quite concerned about our physical appearance and that has always affected us mentally as well as emotionally, obese has been such a state of life for many people out there, where they have thought of losing everything and being not worth it, however, this show has given us a completely different perspective of how life that can be lived and how much confidence you can have on yourself. My Big Fat Fabulous Life, is one of those shows, which actually doesn’t glorify the lifestyle an obese person has got but teaches us how we can be proud of who we are, live our life on our terms, and at the same time, the struggles a person has to face for their respective condition and along with that the true meaning of body positive.

Though there maybe be many a reader on this article too, who haven’t heard anything of this show and are actually a bit clueless regarding what this show, with quite a unique title, is about. Don’t worry before looking going and looking for this show on Wikipedia or the trailer on YouTube, we have actually got you all covered regarding the show.

Firstly, the idea of the show came nearly 10 years back and that was the time, when a lot of negativities were spreading all over the world regarding respective physicality, at that time, this show was actually thought of to be a revolution, and many of the fans of the show are themselves quite facing the same kind of problem that the protagonist of the show herself has faced and the way she leads her life is actually a bit of motivating for the people who have lost hope and stopped loving themselves at all.

The host of the show is by this time one of the most well-known personalities of the Tv sector and her name is Whitney Way Thore, now another interesting fact about her is that she hasn’t been obese because of just her eating habits but has also been suffering her obesity because of Polycystic ovary Syndrome. She used to be a radio jockey before she became this famous. She has got dreams in her eyes, that dance is all she will have in her life related to, and although somewhere she is bounded by her weight due to her condition, that doesn’t limit her in any way from dancing or being related to it. we do also find that Whitney has got some other family as well as her love life drama going on for the last 10 years and the present scenario actually looks quite complex but on a good note for Whitney.

When it comes to the ratings and the critic’s reviews of the show, we all will be shocked at some point. Firstly we here are talking about the 11th season of the show, which already makes it clear for everyone that we have received 10 seasons of the show, and to all those people who are thinking about the entire concept of the show, just imagine there are millions of people binge watching the show currently while we are reading this article.

The critic comments have been mixed actually, some have described it to be quite amusing whereas some have described it is to be overly dramatic and stuff sometimes. All over nothing is negative towards the show at all and it has received a lot of love from all fans out there. The IMDb ratings of the show are also quite moderate or low at some points. Though the fans have reacted in a completely opposite way to the show. The show is quite profitable for the makers which is quite obvious from the fact that that we are considering a talk about the 11th season.

Now we move back to the original topic of the article and that is related to the fact that we have received only a few episodes of the 10th season of the show, and if you have been a fan for quite some time, you do know that the standard of the content is actually rising and that is attracting more m ends towards the show, however, talks about the 11th season have been quite rumored but nothing official as we all know. From all stat relations, it is very predictable that we receive the 11th season of the show, the profits charts have been growing over the past few years which means more profits for the makers already. Though we haven’t received any confirmation yet we have made some predictions and stuff about the upcoming seasons of the show and to know more about those do continue reading this article till the end.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Release Date Is Not Announced! - (1)

Before moving into the main topic of the show which is related to the release dates of the upcoming season and all other updates, let’s just look back at the much more important dates that have been related to the show and the deep history that they have got. Firstly the starting year of the show is 2015 and the first season was actually a quite hyped up one, it was so much lived by the fans that just after a few months in the year 2015 only, we received a second season for the show, which was just huge and had about 23 episodes, which is the most in any seasons so far. Since then, we have been almost receiving new episodes every year and again after a long time in 2021, we actually received the 8th and the 9th season of the show within one year. The 10th season of the show which has been quite talked about lately and has also stirred up the charts of the show is currently making its release in 2022 and it is also expected that it will have approximately 10-15 episodes.

Now the 11th season of the show, as we have already is quite predictable and it is on the way to coming based on all the factors we have seen so far, if it gets canceled anyhow it will be just a very disappointing unprofitable move from the studios part, however, based on how the pattern has been, the 11th season has very fewer chances of coming to us by the end of 2022 anyhow and the only possible dates for the release seems like in 2024 and not before that anyhow. However, though we will have to wait a while, the content will surely be worth it. As of April 2023, There is no release date announced for the show yet.

Name Of The ShowMy Big Fat Fabulous Life
Season NumberSeason 11
My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 1 Release Date13 January 2015
My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Release DateNot Announced

Will Season 11 Be The Last One?

And yes, Whitney has also tweeted about season 11 of the show. A while ago, she tweeted that season 11 of the show is already in the works. So, this confirms season 11 is coming back, but when is the question we need an answer to. She also mentioned in a couple of interviews, that season 11 might be the last season of the show.

Whitney said that they might end the show with season 11 which could be the final season, but the makers of the show have not confirmed anything regarding that. But, we might be looking at the last season of the show as of now.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Story

For the story part now, as we all know there ain’t much of a story kind in this show, it’s a basic reality television show where we follow the life of Whitney who has got a big drama with a lot of personal as well as family issues and based on those issues, she isn’t scared of doing anything or following her dreams.

The exact format that we have seen so far in the previous season will also be followed in this season and this season, we may get to see some stability in the life of Whitney which we actually haven’t seen even for one year since the start of the show. There are also many rumors regarding her love life and other things which are actually a bit unveiled in the 10th season currently and if it works out well, we are surely going to have a pretty engaging story for the upcoming season of the show.

If you still don’t know what this entire show is about or how things work in this show, it’s basically the empowered life of an obese person who isn’t scared or doesn’t limit herself in living her life on her own terms because of her physical condition.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Cast

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Release Date Is Not Announced! - (2)

For the cast of the show, as we all know we aren’t going to get any notable figures for sure, as it has always been Whitney herself her family her friends, and other people related to her real life, and in no way do we see any actors taking part in that, and that’s going to be the same in the upcoming season too.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Trailer

The 10th season of the show is being telecasted now, and we still haven’t received any confirmation regarding the 11th season of the show yet, however, there is a big chance and if that happens, we will soon receive a trailer for the season 11 after the 10th season comes to an end.

Where Can We Watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11?

Just like the previous seasons of the show, the upcoming season will also be telecasted at first and then on Amazon Prime Videos for streaming services.

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